Monday, September 14, 2015


Jefferson has mailed me and thanked everyone from around the world who have been sending him letters of support. He is answering back as soon as possible and when he is able to afford the postage.

He is also working on follow up books to his famous "Blue Planet Project" and still hoping to be transferred back to Brazil to see his family. Jefferson would like to inform all of those who are interested in his UFO information that the current group claiming to be Jefferson de Souzas online are all fakes as the Real Jefferson has been in a US Federal Prison since 1996. Jefferson will be trying to get more UFO information out from prison but some of it will have to wait until he is back in Brazil. Anyone wishing to keep in contact with him is free to write to him directly with your contact information for the future.

Mailing money or anything else, other than paperbacks, will not be allowed by the prison so I will list the mailing rules here.
1. Jefferson cannot receive money or Western Union transfers either directly or to the prison. For people who would like to help him with money, please use the Paypal "Donate" button on this blog or email me here to receive Western Union type transfers for him.
2. He cannot receive hardback books or DVDs.
3. He can receive large mailing envelopes with up to five paperback books or magazines per envelope and he would greatly appreciate that. 

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