Monday, July 13, 2015


I would like to address several questions that seem to come up again and again from people who are not familiar with jail/prison/detention centers basic practices as it pertains to this case.

1. A "Protective Custody" cell is supposed to be exactly that. It is a single person cell that is kept locked for 23 hours per day and the one hour of exercise time outside the cell is conducted in a single locked outside cage. At no point is a Protective Custody prisoner allowed to be alone with any other prisoner, let alone a group of prisoners.

In Jeffersons case, in order for a group of prisoners to get into his cell, a guard would have had to unlock the group of prisoners cells, unlock the hallway leading to the protective custody cells, and unlock Jeffersons cell door. Obviously this is an incredible breach of security in a Federal Dention center and it would have been an easy matter to determine which guards did this IF the government had not ordered them to do it and IF the government wanted to find out who was responsible. It is quite obvious that the government was desperate to get a conviction after failing in the first trial and having a disabled and drugged defendant certainly worked.

2. The reason that Jefferson was suddenly moved from a Federal Medical Center to a privately run GEO immigration prison, even though he has serious medical issues due to his attack, is because we started making headway into finding his family in Brazil and getting him truly identified. When it became clear that the government could no longer get away with saying that he was simply a crazy liar so no one should believe anything that he said, they wanted to send him somewhere more obscure. The private immigration prison that they sent him to is supposed to be for inmates who are nearing deportation but Jefferson still has years left on his sentence.

3. The only proven lies in this case have been committed by the government. They have lied for almost two decades about Jeffersons true nationality and identity in an attempt to cover up their own crimes against him. Even after the Brazilian government has informed them of his identity and issued him a new, valid passport, they continue to misidentify him on their website as anyone can verify with the link provided.

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