Saturday, April 25, 2015

This is my personal overview of what I can determine has occurred based on years of discussions with Jefferson and my own internet investigations: In the late 1980s while investigating paranormal claims and alternate religions, the Brazilian UFO researcher Jefferson de Souza got involved with several groups including the Scientologists. Many of these groups and governments in various countries would hire Jefferson to do investigations, give speeches about his experiences around the world, try to hack government agencies for UFO information, etc. On several occasions while in the US at paranormal conferences, etc. Jefferson successfully hacked into NASA and other government agencies UFO files and he was warned off by the government for these activities. This was an early stage of the internet and hacking was not well defended and the databases that he was copying while being highly classified were not heavily protected. Upon being warned off several times by the feds, Jefferson turned more and more to the paranormal and religious groups to get him back and forth into the US and Europe. These groups had their own agendas and contacts in the country and in return for Jeffersons expenses, computers, and identities, he would provide them with the information that they were interested in. In 1995 Jefferson was provided with a valid Venezuelan military officers passport that had Jeffersons photo and fingerprint added to it. That is how the Brazilian Jefferson de Souza became the Venezuelan Richard (Ricardo) Romero. Richard Romero then came to Florida via a Canadian border crossing and delved back into his UFO/Paranormal investigations. While in Florida, Jefferson performed various services for the groups who sent him to the US but mostly, he simply was conducting his own researches while traveling to conferences, etc. At one of the paranormal conferences, Jefferson met a family of faith healers from Des Moines and he eventually visited them there and lived with them for awhile. These people had their own issues going on as they had ongoing immigration issues and were running their own child porn import program from the Philippines. None of them worked and their only source of income was their "faith healing." All of these people would eventually be used by the feds to testify against Jefferson in exchange for all of the possible charges against them being forgiven. Every witness against Jefferson gave testimony that blamed him for everything illegal and cleared themselves completely no matter how illogical their claims were.

According to the above listed court transcript, this Filipino family of traveling faith healers let a newly met man from Florida live in their Des Moines basement because he had magic powers and could solve all of their problems with a computer? Really? The five trash bags full of Filipino child porn found in their basement came from this magic man on the computer and not from their own connections to the Philippines? Really? A group of faith healers with immigration problems and no jobs were buying a house and paying their bills but had nothing to do with the bags and bags of child porn that they themselves burned? Really? This group is one of the star witnesses for the feds and none of this group was ever charged.

Now we come to the teenage boy who was kidnapped on a public bus after chatting about UFOs on the internet. Once again, it is completely beyond belief that a teenage boy could be kidnapped on a Greyhound bus full of people but that is what Jefferson is convicted and serving a 26 year sentence for. The entire case as it is laid out and as it reads on the link provided seems more based on peoples imaginations than any real actions. It is all about what the federal witnesses think might have happened at some future time and their opinions about other cases and instances.

Now we easily see how the Feds lost the first trial and why they needed a heavily doped up and injured defendant for the second one.

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