Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jefferson repeatedly informed all authorities involved that he was not the Venezuelan Richard Romero and that his true identity was a Brazilian named Jefferson de Souza but they convicted him as Romero and he has been listed as such ever since.

The FBI and the US Justice Dept had refused to accurately identify Jefferson for over 18 years and refused to inform his family in Brazil as to his whereabouts as can be evidenced by the fact that his family filed a missing person report on him almost two decades ago. By continuing to insist that he was a Venezuelan citizen named Richard Romero, the US Justice Dept knew that he could never be released anywhere as they knew that Venezuela would not accept him based on a questionable passport. By never allowing him to be released, the story of his beating and rape and the cover up afterwards would never come out and no official could be charged.

Jefferson has spent many years in various US prisons including almost 10 years at the Federal Medical Center FMC Devens which was supposedly meant to assist him with his medical and mental health issues. Apparently addressing the effects of a gang rape and beating, which was assisted by officials, was not high on the list of assisting him or investigating. Also not high on the list of these Federal mental health professionals was contacting his family in Brazil to let them know that he was still alive. These minor issues seemed to have slipped their minds for ten years. It was a better idea to transfer him to a private prison when it became clear that his family was about to be located.  

Jefferson was only recently identified correctly because his Brazilian family was found on Facebook and they were informed of his whereabouts by private citizens and not by the US Justice Dept. This is the same Justice Dept that likes to tell the world not to be corrupt with their citizens. They like to preach to everyone else about what is right and just. These people are more corrupt than many of the people that they lock up as these people purport to be the defenders of Justice while all the while they pick and choose which Justice they want to enforce. Apparently it is ok in their minds to beat and rape as long as it is to someone they decide can be beaten and raped. Not only is it ok to these paragons of Justice, they make sure that they unlock the door for the rapists. Who else unlocked the hallway and cell doors and how did a group of thugs even get near a protective custody cell?

Jefferson has now been correctly identified and a new Brazilian passport has been issued to him and provided to the US BOP and yet they still refuse to correct his identity within their system. Here is the link to Jefferson de Souza, he is still listed as Richard Romero. Feel free to write to him directly, reply in posts here or email to this email address where I can answer for him

Jefferson is in poor health and is still suffering from his attack and rape in the Chicago detention center. We are trying to get Jefferson transferred to Brazil so that he can be near his family.

Anyone who can speak Portuguese, please forward this blog to Brazilian press, lawyers, politicians, or anyone else who can help.

All donations will be used to assist Jeffersons cause. Whether it is to hire lawyers or for his personal needs. You may use the paypal Donate button here or email me for wire transfers.

Here is the BOP inmate locator webpage where you can find Jefferson still listed as Richard Romero:       #05780-033

Here is Jefferson direct mailing address:

Ricardo Romero 05780-033
P.O. BOX 2000

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