Saturday, April 25, 2015

I am a friend of Jefferson de Souza and I am creating this blog upon his request and the first few posts will be from myself and are my own opinion as to his situation. Jeffersons personal comments from prison will follow and I will insure to announce when you are seeing his own words. Firstly I will state that neither myself or Jefferson are claiming that his actions in 1996 were wise or well thought out but the repercussions of his actions by the US Justice system since than have been inexcusable, criminal and ongoing.

We are asking for help of any sort to allow Jefferson to be transferred back to Brazil so that he can be near his only family members who he has not seen for over 20 years. Legal or political help would be greatly appreciated as well as donations for such help or his personal expenses such as communication with his family in Brazil. Moral support and casual penpals would also be of immense help for someone in his position. If you only want to write to slander or rant, please don't bother as he has heard it all and more of the same is simply disregarded and forgotten. We have learned long ago that the vast majority of regular citizens have no idea that the US Justice system is as corrupt as it really is and it becomes pointless to try to convince them individually. When they or their family member makes one mistake in life, that the US government doesn't like, they learn very quickly as to what they are up against and it is far from true "Justice". This justice system is a gigantic, self perpetuating, money generating, business that protects its own actions at all costs. If you do not have the money to pay off the system by hiring your own insiders known as defense lawyers, you are finished as evidenced by the Feds 98% conviction rate.

Jefferson received a 26 year federal sentence based upon one of the most absurd legal cases that is so far from common sense and so full of underhanded corruption that a Hollywood movie producer would turn this story down.

Strap in and get ready to read a story that is beyond reality but is 100% true, provable, and ongoing.

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  1. I have been watching the series on Netflix called Unsealed: Alien Files, and Jefferson is mentioned many times throughout the series. Since, I am unlike most citizens in the United States, I decided to conduct my own research. Upon doing so, It has landed me here within your blog. Out of my curiosity, I have read all of your writings, and am very well interested in Jefferson and where he is at in his sentence, and if you plan on writing more about him. I have become very fascinated with him, ufos, the blue planet project, alien files, and so on. I am wondering if he has been able to make it back to Brazil, and when you will be posting things upon his behalf?