Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here is the very brief version of the US Justice Depts claims and case against a Venezuelan citizen named Richard Romero aka Brazilian Jefferson de Souza.    ......      This is the governments nonsense case that they deemed worthy of a 26 year sentence. Briefly, to accept this nonsense, you must believe that someone, anyone, is stupid enough to "kidnap" a teenage boy on a public bus and then make up some further scenario that you "believe" was going to "possibly" happen at some time in the future. You also have to believe that two days is enough time for someone to recover enough from a gang beating and rape, while in a locked "Protective Custody" cell, to coherently defend himself in a federal trial.

Here is the quote from the Chicago Tribune Newspaper:
"Romero, for his part, watched the proceedings through one eye, the other apparently injured during what a source at the federal confinement center where he is being held called an attack by other inmates.
The trial was delayed two days by U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras, who has ordered attorneys not to discuss what officials at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago are describing only as "an incident."
Before the incident Monday, Romero appeared healthy in court. On Thursday, out of the sight of jurors, he was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair."

The files from this incident, as well as the medical records have since disappeared and no one has ever been accused or held responsible. Also missing in this Tribune report is the fact the Jeffersons first trial resulted in a mistrial when the jurors could not be unanimously convinced that Jefferson kidnapped a teenage boy on a public bus. After the feds failed in the first trial, Jeffersons locked, protective custody, cell door was opened by guards, in the middle of the night, on the night before his second trial and a group of thugs were allowed to beat and rape him. None of the guards or attackers were ever identified or charged. Jefferson went into a federal courtroom in a wheelchair, that was hidden from the jury, while under heavy pain medication and was convicted and sentenced to a 26 year sentence with almost no defense case given. This is what the US calls "Justice" and preaches to the rest of the world about.

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