Monday, September 14, 2015


Jefferson has mailed me and thanked everyone from around the world who have been sending him letters of support. He is answering back as soon as possible and when he is able to afford the postage.

He is also working on follow up books to his famous "Blue Planet Project" and still hoping to be transferred back to Brazil to see his family. Jefferson would like to inform all of those who are interested in his UFO information that the current group claiming to be Jefferson de Souzas online are all fakes as the Real Jefferson has been in a US Federal Prison since 1996. Jefferson will be trying to get more UFO information out from prison but some of it will have to wait until he is back in Brazil. Anyone wishing to keep in contact with him is free to write to him directly with your contact information for the future.

Mailing money or anything else, other than paperbacks, will not be allowed by the prison so I will list the mailing rules here.
1. Jefferson cannot receive money or Western Union transfers either directly or to the prison. For people who would like to help him with money, please use the Paypal "Donate" button on this blog or email me here to receive Western Union type transfers for him.
2. He cannot receive hardback books or DVDs.
3. He can receive large mailing envelopes with up to five paperback books or magazines per envelope and he would greatly appreciate that. 

Monday, July 13, 2015


I would like to address several questions that seem to come up again and again from people who are not familiar with jail/prison/detention centers basic practices as it pertains to this case.

1. A "Protective Custody" cell is supposed to be exactly that. It is a single person cell that is kept locked for 23 hours per day and the one hour of exercise time outside the cell is conducted in a single locked outside cage. At no point is a Protective Custody prisoner allowed to be alone with any other prisoner, let alone a group of prisoners.

In Jeffersons case, in order for a group of prisoners to get into his cell, a guard would have had to unlock the group of prisoners cells, unlock the hallway leading to the protective custody cells, and unlock Jeffersons cell door. Obviously this is an incredible breach of security in a Federal Dention center and it would have been an easy matter to determine which guards did this IF the government had not ordered them to do it and IF the government wanted to find out who was responsible. It is quite obvious that the government was desperate to get a conviction after failing in the first trial and having a disabled and drugged defendant certainly worked.

2. The reason that Jefferson was suddenly moved from a Federal Medical Center to a privately run GEO immigration prison, even though he has serious medical issues due to his attack, is because we started making headway into finding his family in Brazil and getting him truly identified. When it became clear that the government could no longer get away with saying that he was simply a crazy liar so no one should believe anything that he said, they wanted to send him somewhere more obscure. The private immigration prison that they sent him to is supposed to be for inmates who are nearing deportation but Jefferson still has years left on his sentence.

3. The only proven lies in this case have been committed by the government. They have lied for almost two decades about Jeffersons true nationality and identity in an attempt to cover up their own crimes against him. Even after the Brazilian government has informed them of his identity and issued him a new, valid passport, they continue to misidentify him on their website as anyone can verify with the link provided.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Please write to any and all of these addresses to request assistance for Jefferson especially if you can speak Portuguese. Any other contacts would be greatly appreciated. Brazilian legal, political, media, etc.

Consular Ombudsman -
Palace of the Foreign Ministry - Annex I - Ground Floor -
Consular Assistance Division - Esplanade of Ministries -
Block "H" - Brasília / DF Brazil - 70170900

Assistance to Brazilian Nationals Section
Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Atlanta
3500 Lenox Road NE - Ste 800, Atlanta, GA, 30326
Phone: +1 (404) 949-1202 - Fax: +1 (404) 949-2402  2:30 and 5pm
Ivana Lima
Jefferson repeatedly informed all authorities involved that he was not the Venezuelan Richard Romero and that his true identity was a Brazilian named Jefferson de Souza but they convicted him as Romero and he has been listed as such ever since.

The FBI and the US Justice Dept had refused to accurately identify Jefferson for over 18 years and refused to inform his family in Brazil as to his whereabouts as can be evidenced by the fact that his family filed a missing person report on him almost two decades ago. By continuing to insist that he was a Venezuelan citizen named Richard Romero, the US Justice Dept knew that he could never be released anywhere as they knew that Venezuela would not accept him based on a questionable passport. By never allowing him to be released, the story of his beating and rape and the cover up afterwards would never come out and no official could be charged.

Jefferson has spent many years in various US prisons including almost 10 years at the Federal Medical Center FMC Devens which was supposedly meant to assist him with his medical and mental health issues. Apparently addressing the effects of a gang rape and beating, which was assisted by officials, was not high on the list of assisting him or investigating. Also not high on the list of these Federal mental health professionals was contacting his family in Brazil to let them know that he was still alive. These minor issues seemed to have slipped their minds for ten years. It was a better idea to transfer him to a private prison when it became clear that his family was about to be located.  

Jefferson was only recently identified correctly because his Brazilian family was found on Facebook and they were informed of his whereabouts by private citizens and not by the US Justice Dept. This is the same Justice Dept that likes to tell the world not to be corrupt with their citizens. They like to preach to everyone else about what is right and just. These people are more corrupt than many of the people that they lock up as these people purport to be the defenders of Justice while all the while they pick and choose which Justice they want to enforce. Apparently it is ok in their minds to beat and rape as long as it is to someone they decide can be beaten and raped. Not only is it ok to these paragons of Justice, they make sure that they unlock the door for the rapists. Who else unlocked the hallway and cell doors and how did a group of thugs even get near a protective custody cell?

Jefferson has now been correctly identified and a new Brazilian passport has been issued to him and provided to the US BOP and yet they still refuse to correct his identity within their system. Here is the link to Jefferson de Souza, he is still listed as Richard Romero. Feel free to write to him directly, reply in posts here or email to this email address where I can answer for him

Jefferson is in poor health and is still suffering from his attack and rape in the Chicago detention center. We are trying to get Jefferson transferred to Brazil so that he can be near his family.

Anyone who can speak Portuguese, please forward this blog to Brazilian press, lawyers, politicians, or anyone else who can help.

All donations will be used to assist Jeffersons cause. Whether it is to hire lawyers or for his personal needs. You may use the paypal Donate button here or email me for wire transfers.

Here is the BOP inmate locator webpage where you can find Jefferson still listed as Richard Romero:       #05780-033

Here is Jefferson direct mailing address:

Ricardo Romero 05780-033
P.O. BOX 2000

This is my personal overview of what I can determine has occurred based on years of discussions with Jefferson and my own internet investigations: In the late 1980s while investigating paranormal claims and alternate religions, the Brazilian UFO researcher Jefferson de Souza got involved with several groups including the Scientologists. Many of these groups and governments in various countries would hire Jefferson to do investigations, give speeches about his experiences around the world, try to hack government agencies for UFO information, etc. On several occasions while in the US at paranormal conferences, etc. Jefferson successfully hacked into NASA and other government agencies UFO files and he was warned off by the government for these activities. This was an early stage of the internet and hacking was not well defended and the databases that he was copying while being highly classified were not heavily protected. Upon being warned off several times by the feds, Jefferson turned more and more to the paranormal and religious groups to get him back and forth into the US and Europe. These groups had their own agendas and contacts in the country and in return for Jeffersons expenses, computers, and identities, he would provide them with the information that they were interested in. In 1995 Jefferson was provided with a valid Venezuelan military officers passport that had Jeffersons photo and fingerprint added to it. That is how the Brazilian Jefferson de Souza became the Venezuelan Richard (Ricardo) Romero. Richard Romero then came to Florida via a Canadian border crossing and delved back into his UFO/Paranormal investigations. While in Florida, Jefferson performed various services for the groups who sent him to the US but mostly, he simply was conducting his own researches while traveling to conferences, etc. At one of the paranormal conferences, Jefferson met a family of faith healers from Des Moines and he eventually visited them there and lived with them for awhile. These people had their own issues going on as they had ongoing immigration issues and were running their own child porn import program from the Philippines. None of them worked and their only source of income was their "faith healing." All of these people would eventually be used by the feds to testify against Jefferson in exchange for all of the possible charges against them being forgiven. Every witness against Jefferson gave testimony that blamed him for everything illegal and cleared themselves completely no matter how illogical their claims were.

According to the above listed court transcript, this Filipino family of traveling faith healers let a newly met man from Florida live in their Des Moines basement because he had magic powers and could solve all of their problems with a computer? Really? The five trash bags full of Filipino child porn found in their basement came from this magic man on the computer and not from their own connections to the Philippines? Really? A group of faith healers with immigration problems and no jobs were buying a house and paying their bills but had nothing to do with the bags and bags of child porn that they themselves burned? Really? This group is one of the star witnesses for the feds and none of this group was ever charged.

Now we come to the teenage boy who was kidnapped on a public bus after chatting about UFOs on the internet. Once again, it is completely beyond belief that a teenage boy could be kidnapped on a Greyhound bus full of people but that is what Jefferson is convicted and serving a 26 year sentence for. The entire case as it is laid out and as it reads on the link provided seems more based on peoples imaginations than any real actions. It is all about what the federal witnesses think might have happened at some future time and their opinions about other cases and instances.

Now we easily see how the Feds lost the first trial and why they needed a heavily doped up and injured defendant for the second one.
Here is the very brief version of the US Justice Depts claims and case against a Venezuelan citizen named Richard Romero aka Brazilian Jefferson de Souza.    ......      This is the governments nonsense case that they deemed worthy of a 26 year sentence. Briefly, to accept this nonsense, you must believe that someone, anyone, is stupid enough to "kidnap" a teenage boy on a public bus and then make up some further scenario that you "believe" was going to "possibly" happen at some time in the future. You also have to believe that two days is enough time for someone to recover enough from a gang beating and rape, while in a locked "Protective Custody" cell, to coherently defend himself in a federal trial.

Here is the quote from the Chicago Tribune Newspaper:
"Romero, for his part, watched the proceedings through one eye, the other apparently injured during what a source at the federal confinement center where he is being held called an attack by other inmates.
The trial was delayed two days by U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras, who has ordered attorneys not to discuss what officials at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago are describing only as "an incident."
Before the incident Monday, Romero appeared healthy in court. On Thursday, out of the sight of jurors, he was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair."

The files from this incident, as well as the medical records have since disappeared and no one has ever been accused or held responsible. Also missing in this Tribune report is the fact the Jeffersons first trial resulted in a mistrial when the jurors could not be unanimously convinced that Jefferson kidnapped a teenage boy on a public bus. After the feds failed in the first trial, Jeffersons locked, protective custody, cell door was opened by guards, in the middle of the night, on the night before his second trial and a group of thugs were allowed to beat and rape him. None of the guards or attackers were ever identified or charged. Jefferson went into a federal courtroom in a wheelchair, that was hidden from the jury, while under heavy pain medication and was convicted and sentenced to a 26 year sentence with almost no defense case given. This is what the US calls "Justice" and preaches to the rest of the world about.
I am a friend of Jefferson de Souza and I am creating this blog upon his request and the first few posts will be from myself and are my own opinion as to his situation. Jeffersons personal comments from prison will follow and I will insure to announce when you are seeing his own words. Firstly I will state that neither myself or Jefferson are claiming that his actions in 1996 were wise or well thought out but the repercussions of his actions by the US Justice system since than have been inexcusable, criminal and ongoing.

We are asking for help of any sort to allow Jefferson to be transferred back to Brazil so that he can be near his only family members who he has not seen for over 20 years. Legal or political help would be greatly appreciated as well as donations for such help or his personal expenses such as communication with his family in Brazil. Moral support and casual penpals would also be of immense help for someone in his position. If you only want to write to slander or rant, please don't bother as he has heard it all and more of the same is simply disregarded and forgotten. We have learned long ago that the vast majority of regular citizens have no idea that the US Justice system is as corrupt as it really is and it becomes pointless to try to convince them individually. When they or their family member makes one mistake in life, that the US government doesn't like, they learn very quickly as to what they are up against and it is far from true "Justice". This justice system is a gigantic, self perpetuating, money generating, business that protects its own actions at all costs. If you do not have the money to pay off the system by hiring your own insiders known as defense lawyers, you are finished as evidenced by the Feds 98% conviction rate.

Jefferson received a 26 year federal sentence based upon one of the most absurd legal cases that is so far from common sense and so full of underhanded corruption that a Hollywood movie producer would turn this story down.

Strap in and get ready to read a story that is beyond reality but is 100% true, provable, and ongoing.